Q: First day of arrival

A: We arrange transportation from both Agadir airport or bus station and will pick you up from the arrival area. Our driver will stand with a “Laguna Surf” sign or Your name with it and wait for you. If you don’t know your exact time of arrival you can email your information later at hello@thelagunasurf.com. Please specify with your full name, airline, flight number and arrival time.


Q: What should I bring?


Yoga Clothes
Lounge / Comfortable Clothes Basic Toiletries
Flip Flops
Gym Shoes (or shoes you can walk in on rocky surfaces) Beach Towel
Sunglasses & Sunhat
Sunblock (a must!)
Swimsuit & Beach Clothes
Travel Insurance
Passport, visa if needed
Visa or Mastercard credit card
Cash (Dirham)
Sweater (Can get chilly in the evenings)

Q: Where are your camps located?


A: Both stays are located in the laidback village Tamraght and Taghazout, Agadir, the ideal getaway! We promise you a short trip to everything you want – that being beaches, surf, yoga and restaurants etc. The houses has chill­areas, comfy beds and a truly awesome view of the ocean, stars and moon. We offer both double/single rooms and dorms, so just pick the one that fits your trip the best!



Q: How do I get from Marrakech to Agadir?



A: The best option from Marrakech to Agadir is either by taxi or bus by CTM or Supratours. The bus trip takes around 3 hours to Agadir. If you would like us to book a pick up from the bus station to our camp, please email all information to hello@thelagunasurf.com. You will always found taxis on the spot if you would like to go without our transportation. Taxis cost around 30€ / 300 MAD.

Q: Flights


A: Our Surf & Yoga Packages don’t include flight tickets. However, there are many airlines that goes to Morocco from Europe such as Norweigan, Royal Air Maroc or Ryanair to name a few where you can find cheap direct flights. Websites like www.momondo.com or similar are also great to find flights at! If you need help to find tickets, shoot us an email to hello@thelagunasurf.com and we will do our best to help.


Q: Do I need visa?


A: Your passport must be valid during your stay in Morocco. EU Passport holders don’t need a visa to visit Morocco for tourism purposes. We recommend you to check with your nearest Moroccan Embassy if you have a passport that’s outside the European Union.

Q: Travel insurance

A: In case of emergencies, we always recommend you to bring your travel and medical insurance for you trip in Morocco. Laguna Surf has no responsibility for loss of theft or damage of your property during your stay. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions before your booking!

Q: Medical information

A: No vaccines are required for visitors in Morocco. We always bring our first aid kits during our surf sessions and all of our instructor are lifeguards as well. Travel insurance is strongly recommended to bring in case of emergency, where the closest hospital or clinic is in Agadir city.

Q: Currency and payments

A: The currency in Morocco is called Dirham, MAD. Most places don’t take credit cards or traveller’s cheques so we recommend you to bring cash. The closest ATMs and exchange facilities are in Aourir (5 minutes from our house) or Agadir. When it comes to credit cards we recommend Visa or Mastercard.

Q: Culture and religion


A: Morocco is a liberal islamic, muslim country. In order to respect the locals we encourage you to wear bikini or swim shorts on the beach only, but you’re welcome to wear shorts and t-shirts in the villages!


Q: Language



A: The official language in Morocco is Arabic and Amazigh (Berber). However, most Moroccans are multi­lingual and many are able to communicate in English and French as well.


Q: Special diets


A: Please let us know in advance if you’re a vegetarian/vegan or have any allergies or specific requirements by contacting hello@thelagunasurf.com and we will do our best to help you!

Q: Meals

A: Morocco is famous for its’ delicious cuisine and food culture! Our chef will offer you a mix of both traditional Moroccan and Berber food such as tagines or couscous and international dishes. We promise you a lot of variety when it comes to protein sources as well as vegetables and exotic fruits to fuel your body extra with energy for your surf holiday.

Q: Can I drink the water?

A: Tap water should not be drinken. Mineral water is always available at our house as well in most supermarkets in the area.

Q: Alcohol

A: We don’t sell alcohol at our camp but we’re happy to transport you to the closest liquor store where you can buy it. Feel free to store it in our fridges at our house too! Alcohol is legally served and sold throughout whole Morocco so don’t worry ­ you’ll be able to enjoy the that sunset beer!

Q: Surf season and weather

A: The best things about Morocco is that you can surf all year around, suitable for every level! A country that being blessed with 300 days of sun a year, our high season of tourism usually peaks from September to April when the big swell from North Atlantic hits Morocco’s shores. Sounds nice right?

Q: Can I change surf level/group?

A: Absolutely! Just communicate with our Surf Head Coach the day before and we’ll be happy to arrange the switch for you.

Q: What style of yoga do you teach?

A: We mix our classes with dynamic flow, meditation, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. No prior experience is required for our yoga classes. Just bring a smile and some comfy yoga pants!

Q: Do I need to use a wetsuit?

A: Wetsuit isn’t mandatory but is recommend for your own safety since a wetsuit can prevent you from injuries and will keep your body warm while spending many hours in the water. Plus, it gives you the perfect surfer look!

Q: Will my instructor be at the beach with me the whole day?


A: Of course! You’ll usually start your day with a 2 hour surf lesson and theory with your surf instructor in the morning at the beach. After lunch and beach (fun!) time you’ll have a chance to surf by yourself, with your surf instructor always being there in the background for extra help and support!

Q: I’m having trouble accessing your website. What should I do?

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Contact us
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Q: How do I use PayPal to pay for my booking?

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Why pay with PayPal?

  • It’s safer: shop at thousands of websites without sharing your financial details.
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